The Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 2 Living room results

This week was a little tougher than last week for the spring cleaning challenge. I don’t know if I just lost a little momentum or if the weather warming up just got me a little more tired. I made myself accountable though to this challenge and I’m determined to stick with it and I was not going to quit week. So I finished up the living room today and got it done.

The plan was to post these reveal posts on Friday mornings but that didn’t happen. The point is that I am just glad I got it done. Things look good now and I’m two weeks done with the 7 week challenge. I’m excited for how good things will look at the end of my challenge. 

The Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 2 Living room results

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BEFORE: This was the view of my dining room before hand. As you can see the dining room table is full of junk. We also have a desk in there. I’m not worrying about the desk or paperwork till the office and paper work week. I just wanted to get the dining room to be more functional as a dining space. Living room beforeAFTER: Here is what it looks like now. The table is much cleaner. I got rid of a ton of stuff on it and things on the floor. We also moved that large bookshelf to another wall so the table could be pulled from the wall and

post3BEFORE: Here is where we had Bella’s shoe cabinet. It became a catchall for junk on top. It also wasn’t in a good spot. post 4

AFTER: We moved the show cabinet and put the bookshelf from the dining room in its place. In  front of the bookshelf are donations and the air mattress I borrowed and need to return. Bella’s stuff and the fan got moved to under the window and more out of the way. 


IMG_1978BEFORE: This was where I typically sit and the table next to me. It gets cluttered a lot. post 3AFTER: I cleaned up the table and have been working to keep the couch cleaned off. I also put a small trash can on the floor next to the couch so I have a place to throw things away right there. post9BEFORE: We have two storage shelving units on either side of our TV that have bins in them. The bins had become filled with random things and not used well. Also very dusty and unattractive. We hated the pink/salmon colored window coverings that were here when we moved in. IMG_1932

IMG_1934AFTER: I went through the bins tossed a lot of stuff and grouped things together. I also dusted everything and found new photos to go on some of the shelves. Just got things looking nicer. We got new blue curtains that block the heat from getting in. Which we needed because the temperature is starting to warm up as we get closer to summer. post2

post8Here is a better look at the two windows so you can see the new curtains. The plan is to paint the walls. I’m hoping this summer. I just want to go cream or light brown just something to warm up the space. It’s a lot of white right now. Living room after

I think that things are looking a lot better. I threw away a lot of stuff and added some stuff to be donated. So less stuff which helps a lot because too much stuff is a big problem. We also moved around a lot of furniture so things are more functional.

As far as cleaning it was mostly dusting and wiping down furniture. Of course last week our vacuum broke. It was a Dyson and I loved it but it lasted about 10 years so it did it’s job. We didn’t want to spend a lot on a new vacuum because we can’t afford an inexpensive one. So after some looking around we ended up going  with this one. If you are looking for a great vacuum for under a hundred dollars. I really recommend this one. We have a lot of pets so fur is an issue and so far it’s keeping up with it.