So I am a week done with my no spend August Challenge. To learn about the challenge go here. Week one was from Friday the 1st till Friday the 8th.  I think it hasn’t been so bad actually.



Week one Update

we spent $46 on gas

We spent $115 on groceries.

I spent $45 on blogging fees but I used my Paypal money. I try to use money I make from blogging to pay my blog costs. So if you buy ad space from me no that it does help make improvements to the blog.

I know that I can do better on groceries. This is where I need to make a better effort with meal planning and figure out couponing.

We are trying  to build up our pantry a little so that we can have things on hand for the rest of the month and only buy perishables like bread, milk, cheese, etc.

I did realize that we have a lot of things on auto pay and that we might not need them all. I’m keeping Netflix because it’s something for the whole family and it saves us from buying a lot of movies, especially kids movies for Isabella.

There were a couple things for me on the computer and I realized it was adding up so I canceled two things which will save us $15 a month.

I think that’s one of the best things I’ve found so far about doing this is how closely I am paying attention to what we are spending money on. I should’ve been paying better attention all along but I haven’t been and that’s going to be a benefit of this challenge I wasn’t expecting.

I did let my husband pay $4 on fast food once. He was really hungry after work one night, if he gets too hungry it can trigger his epilepsy seizure so I’d rather pay $4 to keep him safe and healthy to get home than risk a seizure and him get in an accident. So it was worth it.

Other than that one time we got no fast food, take out, etc. I struggled with wanting to pick something up a couple times but it was fine. I really wanted to rent movies a few times but my husband said no and kept reminding me of the challenge. I also bought a magazine when I went grocery shopping and I have to remind myself not to do that when I go to the store.

I am really excited for this challenge and pleased with how well my family is doing. It hardly even has felt like a struggle but we are only a week into it.

I am also really excited about how many of my readers have said they want to do something like this in their own family. I think you all should and if you are let me know so I can support you. Getting so much great support has been really encouraging and made it easier for me.

I’m also extending my promo code for 25% off any ad through the challenge. Use the code yourock because really all of you do rock and have made this challenge doable for me.





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