Week two Update. 

I am on to week three now and we are half way through no spend August.

T i d a l  R i s e (1)

Overall another good week I think. Spent a bit more on groceries but that includes medication which ups my bill by about #30. It’s a necessity though for me to stay on my prescriptions though. Thank Goodness for insurance though.  We would be paying over $1000 a month in medications with out insurance and it only costs us around $50 a month. So much better and more doable.

What we spent.

groceries: $131

gas: $47

This week feels like we spent a lot because a lot of bills were due, so money is gone but not on fun things. Still have avoided Target and haven’t bought anymore books or movies. It’s tough but I’m glad that we are doing it.

Bella is so funny though. She asked me today. ” How many days are left in August, in our month?” I asked her why she said she just wanted to know. I told her about twelve. She didn’t like that answer so I asked her what she wanted to spend money on, since I got the feeling that’s what it was about. What she wanted was, usually we let her play the games at the front of the store, where you can win toys, She’d get a few dollars to spend on it when she went grocery shopping. She hasn’t been able to do that. She also really wants to get Panda Express.  Though we did let her get a little something from Mc Donald’s and a drink for me. I think it’s important for her to be included in doing this with us. She gets spoiled a lot, some by us and also she has a lot of grandparents who adore her and she gets a lot. I want her to appreciate that sometimes you have to watch your spending and ease up on extra fun things when you are a little tight.

2014-08-05 15.34.36

I have  extended my promo code for 25% off any ad through the challenge. Use the code yourock because really all of you do rock and have made this challenge doable for me.

I’m loving all the fabulous feedback and support I’m receiving on this challenge. It means the world to me that you are all supporting my family’s challenge.